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« Nothing makes me feel more human and whole than to be in a creative space. »

As a person, I naturally tend to observe the quality of the links we cultivate with all our relations. This on going quest finds expression in my fibre work.

I am inspired by the historical and cultural aspects of the rug. In its essence, the rug represents a delightful metaphor for a humble and comfortable relationship between us and the earth. Thus, my two and three dimensional floor creations explore my vivid interest in social and planetary harmony, the intention being that the usual craft object becomes inspirations into our “interiors”.
Along the same line, I also create some clothing and felt murals which echo the warmth of the traditional mobile tapestries.

My allegiance to the DIVERSITY principle
is signed in each unique creation.

Learning to care
3D installation, 1,52 diameter, 100% wool felt, including mohair.
Pictures coming soon.

Hug scarf
140 cm, 100% wool felt.

The inner fire 
3D installation rug, 1,75 m diameter, 100% wool felt.

Wind of change 
Story Teller cape.
100% wool felt with touches of silk, mohair, ingeo, cotton and beads.

A life
In homage to Mariette Rousseau-Vermette.
3D installation carpet, 1,60 m diameter, 100% wool felt, including mohair.

Exchange of confidences 
3D installation, created for the Biennale internationale du lin de Portneuf, 53 x 53 x 48 cm, 77% flax, 23% indigo dyed wool, hand spun flax thread embroidery.

Homage to flowers 
3D Collective slippers rug installation, 100% wool felt including Jacob wool, natural dyes.
1,45 m,

Peace bird 
Rug 100% wool felt including mohair and Icelandic wool, 1,25 x 1,80 m

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