Artist Statement

Diane Gonthier




Dentelle de feutre - Diane Gonthier

My textile construction practice consists in creating woolfelt art works, as a solitary artist, as well as with collectivities of all types that I include in the creative process through cultural mediation projects.

In all cases, just as individual wool fibres “meld” closely together in the felt making process, my art work thrives at drawing people closer to themselves, to others and to the environment.

I also take part in artist residencies, creating Land art or in situ indoor or outdoor installations.

Using wools from all terroirs, I carry out the transformation from the raw material up to the feltmaking. Combining traditional and contemporary techniques, my practise also uses complimentary textile art processes such as dyeing, hand spinning, weaving, sewing and embroidery.

My recent artistic research lead me to create delicate felt lace structures using yarn only, which refer to the tact and gentleness required to maintain healthy relationships. This new exploration refines and complements my last 15 years of exploration where, I studied the highly structural/sculptural potential of large format felts. Through « widening the carpet concept » as a privileged and safe space between us and the Earth, emerged conceptual works like “wave carpets”, “nest seats”, “collective slipper carpets”, “bark cradles” and much more.

Echoing the ancient and renowned protective qualities of felt, my sole intention is to dampen the sense of “void” under our feet.


Wool felt artwork - Diane Gonthier